What Are The Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Mangoes

What Are The Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Mangoes

What Are The Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Mangoes

What is a mango? Well, the king of the fruits “mango” needs no length of introduction. Not just merely owing to the mouthwatering taste and toothsome quality, but also because of the myriad amazing benefits of mangoes which make it the most favorite fruit among all.

Mangos taste so fantastically good that people really forget they are also greatly healthy! Scroll down to discover how the “great king of fruits” can amazingly benefit your health:

Health Benefits of Mango:

1. Prevents Chronic Cancer: Research has widely demonstrated presence of antioxidant compounds in the mango which deeply protect against colon, breast, chronic leukemia and initial stage prostate cancers. These compounds include big ration of quercetin, stable isoquercitrin, astragalin, liquid fisetin, gallic acid as well as methylgallat along with the abundant enzymes which are good shield against the disease of cancer.

2. Lowers Bad Cholesterol

The very high levels of fiber, good pectin and enriched vitamin C greatly helps to lower down the serum cholesterol levels, particularly the Low-Density Lipoprotein (which is the great bad stuff causing cholesterol problems in human body).

3. Cleans & Clears the Skin

Mango can be potentially used both internally as well as externally for the purposes of skin. Mangos help to deeply clear clogged pores and play vital role in eliminating pimples.

4. Improves Good Eye Health

One cup of nicely sliced mangoes supplies sufficient 25 percent of the required daily value of enriched vitamin A, which greatly promotes good eyesight as well as prevents night blindness along with dry eyes.

5. Alkalizes the Entire Body

The natural tartaric acid, organic malic acid, as well as a trace of citric acid found in the mango fruit help well to maintain the entire alkali reserve of the human body.

6. May Greatly Help with Diabetes

Mango plays vital role in normalising insulin levels throughout in the human blood. The complete traditional mango based home remedy rightly involves boiling mango tree leaves hot in the water, then soaking overnight and then fully consuming the complete filtered decoction early in the morning. Mango fruit also has a comparatively low glycemic index (41-60) so low to moderate quantities will never ever spike your sugar levels.

7. Promotes Healthy Sex

Mangos are a great source of vitamin E. The great popular connection is being determined between sex drive as well as vitamin E.

8. Improves Digestion

Mangoes contain good enzymes for breaking down the protein. The fiber present in mangos also greatly helps digestion as well as elimination.

9. Helps To Fight Heat Stroke

Juicing the fruit from tall green mango and then mixing with water as well as a sweetener rapidly helps to cool down the entire body and prevent severe harm from overheating.

10. Boosts the Immune System

The most generous amounts of vitamin C as well as vitamin A in the mangos, plus 25 variety of carotenoids keep your entire immune system healthy as well as strong.

Mango Fruit Nutrition Facts

One cup of mango (225 grams approximately) contains following percentages to be applied as daily value.
• 105 total calories
• 76 percent rich vitamin C (antioxidant plus immune booster)
• 25 percent essential vitamin A (antioxidant and vision)
• 11 percent beneficial vitamin B6 plus other types of B vitamins (the hormone production in the brain and the chronic heart disease prevention)
• 9 percent amount of healthy probiotic fiber
• 9 percent healthy element of copper (copper is a good co-factor for multiple types of vital enzymes plus adequate production of the essential red blood cells)
• 7 percent potassium element (to balance out / expel out our high sodium intake)
• 4 percent magnesium element

Mango Recipes

Mango is itself a delicious fruit. But, just in case eating away mangoes the very usual way seems really too monotonous, we have something special for you.

Yummy Mango-Oat Nutritious Milkshake

Ingredients Required
• The pulp of 1 full ripen mango
• Raw Oat flakes, 2 tablespoons approx
• Golden Honey, 1 tablespoon
• Thick Milk, 200 ml
• Cream as required to give a thick consistency.
Directions To Prepare
1. Mix all the ingredients in any type of blender.
2. Refrigerate the drink and consume cold.

How To Select A Good Quality Mango?

Selecting the best of the best out of all tempting mango options is pretty challenging. Here are little pointers on how to select the perfect mango.
• Their aroma should be perfectly distinct as well as ripe. Avoid those mangoes that have no ripen fragrant aroma.
• While buying the mangoes, I suggest you should choose the mangoes without any dark spots, any blemishes, or any splits.

Most Popular Varieties of Mangoes

There are close to almost 400 varieties of mango all across the world. Here are just a few of the most popular ones found in India, one of the largest producer of the mango fruit.
Banganapalli Mango– Available from the month of April to June and originating in India, Andhra Pradesh.
Pairi Mango– Available from the month of May to June and naively originating in Gujarat.
Alphonso Mango – Available from the month of May to June and dominantly originating in Maharashtra.
Himsagar Mango– Available in the month of May and originating in the area of West Bengal.
Neelam Mango– Available from the month of May to July and a very favorite mango in Hyderabad.
Kesar Mango– Available from the month of June to that of early July and then originating in Gujarat.
Totapuri Mango– Available from the month of June to July and mainly native to Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu as well as Karnataka.

How To Ripen Raw Mangoes

There are a few smart tricks that can greatly help. You can trickle place the mango simply inside a brown paper bag and leave it on the warm kitchen counter for the overnight. The fruit itself releases ethylene, a ripening odorless gas that accelerates the entire ripening process of the mango. But be careful not to close the bag completely – there definitely must be some small way to the air or the gas to escape so that you can best prevent mold formation. You can also smartly submerge the mango in a container of uncooked rice which will also be effective in the ripening of the mangoes.

What more about mangoes? Share your mango treat ideas here! We would love to hear from you!

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