Best Indoor Activities For Kids And Parents

What Are Best Indoor Activities For Kids And Parents
Post Series: What Are Best Indoor Activities For kids And Parents

What Are Best Indoor Activities For Kids And Parents? (Part 2 of 2)

  • 4.Play with Home Made Soap Bubbles

This is a really exciting as well as fun-filled activity. All you require is water, some dishwashing liquid, a reasonably sized bowl as well as a straw. Add a very little dime-size drop of liquid soap to the water-filled bowl and then mix it well until some suds start to bulge and form into a rising froth. Dip the straw right into the soapy solution and then blow out very gently. As a result, great large bubbles will be formed. To make it further more interesting, try to have a competition between you and your beloved child to see who is able to blow out the biggest and the most longest-lasting bubble.

  • 5.Create Creative Beautiful Crafts
Play with Home Made Soap Bubbles

Play with Home Made Soap Bubbles

Making creative arts and crafts in the company of your child will reveal his/her creative aspect of the personality. You both can do some great artwork or can make versatile beautiful crafts with some real easy-to-find things available at home. See some greatly imaginative DIY ideas available on the internet and then start making one that you both like the best and the most. Just some recycle old cans, some empty bottles, available tissue boxes, creative invitation cards, leftover pieces of ribbons, unused laces and many other such things available at home can be greatly helpful to create a masterpiece! Give them an interesting task to create any handmade gift for their beloved grandparents, they will do it with great interest, passion, and devotion. In return, grandparents will also be pleased and cherished to see whatever masterpieces are created by your kids.

  • Cook An Amazing Delicious Meal

Cook An Amazing Delicious Meal

How about setting a food making activity and making your child a chef at home for a day? Most of the children are really very fond of cooking. If you give them the opportunity of cooking, they will lovingly enjoy it a lot. Make can make them wear a chef cap and then give them a really easy cooking related task like that of mixing fruits, applying toppings, mixing/knead dough, combine water with the batter and the other similar kind of tasks. When you are all done preparing the kid assisted dish,  give all the credit to your beloved child and see the priceless honor and smile on his/her face.


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