How To Develop The Power Of Concentration

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How To Concentrate? How To Develop The Power Of Concentration?

How To Concentrate? How To Develop The Power Of Concentration? This is a billion dollar question these days!

Do You Suffer From Lack Of Concentration? 

You are reading this article because just like me and many others, you must be a victim of many types of ‘distractions’ making you unable to concentrate either on your work or studies. This might be leaving you frustrated at the end of the day with increased stress and burden of tasks to be accomplished.

Types of Distractions Making Unable To Concentrate:

Work-Place Distractions: As an individual of today’s fast moving era, you must be having a lot on your plate to be done every day. Staying well-focused can be extremely tough with a continuous stream of fellow employees, prospective clients, bulk of emails, and abundant phone calls; with everything seeking your attention.

Digital Distractions: Being engrossed among the terrible noise, and understanding your entire brain’s limitations, it’s indeed a bit challenging to improve your focus as well as increase your productivity. Human brains are very finely attuned to admit distraction, and today’s digitally cluttered environment makes it exceptionally hard to focus.

Pleasure Seeking Distractions: A human by natural tendency always looks forward to relaxation and ways to avoid problems. A human very often looks forward to seeking pleasure via sex, porn, drugs, games, music or anything which is mind-relaxing. Unless you don’t have a very good controlling mechanism and a very good ‘trained-brain’ to avoid such distractions, you cannot retain focus for long. This ultimately leads to waste of time and non-accomplishment of goals.

So How To Develop The Power Of Concentration?

Try these four simple tips to aid yourself to  become more focused, more accomplished and more productive:

1. Start Your Day With Accomplishment of Creative Work

Usually, we do mindless work in the beginning and then build up to the toughest tasks. This approach drains your entire energy and then lowers your focus. In order to retain focus effectively, you should reverse the order. You should check off the tasks that fulfill the requirement of creativity or your concentration as the first thing right in the morning, and then gradually move on to easier work, just like deleting emails or even scheduling meetings in the later part of the day.

2. Allocate Focussed Time For Toughest Tasks

You should try to discover and figure about yourself that which time is your best time to focus. Most people focus really best in the morning while some focus greatly at late night. It is also revealed by studies that 90 percent of the people do their best strategic thinking while staying outside the office. You should figure out where and when you can focus best, then allocate smartly your toughest tasks for those best concentrating moments.

3. Practice Concentration For Minimum 5 Minutes Per Day

When you practice multitasking as a norm, your brain rapidly adapts. You tend to lose the ability to focus because distraction then becomes a habit. In other words, we unintentionally train our brains to become unfocused. One should practice concentration by putting off all distractions and focusing your entire attention on one single task. Let it be very small up to five minutes per day initially. If you will continue practicing this routine, you will successfully build up the muscle to retain focus.

Which technique do you follow to concentrate? Do you have something better to share than this blog advice? I’d love to hear from you!

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