Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is the process after IBSMINDS is contacted?

After you contact us, we will contact you to return and set up a first phone conference/instant reply via messenger, where we will collect all concrete info to get your project started and understand your goals and objectives. The more clear information you provide us, the more accurate you will get the result. If any info is not available on the spot, we will be flexible to work with you in every aspect as you go.

How much our project is going to cost?

For different types of projects based on a variety of their scope, our costing is different. You will always find our prices as highly competitive, fair and perfectly quoted. You can always feel free to request for a proposal.

How long approximately will it take to have a project/page/site get completed?

It merely depends on the scope of the project as for how prepared you are with the content, required images, products details, etc. If we have prepared all we need from you to complete your website, a very simple 6-7 brochure site can be done approximately within 6-10 days. Other larger and step ahead complicated sites can take much longer. Further changes in content/images/etc. required during the development phase, extension in scope or non-complete information will surely extend the project.

I already have a website existing. Can IBSMINDS help me in improving it or re-designing it?

Absolutely! You can request a completely free price quote and in that case, do give us your website address/URL and we will get back to you on the same.

Why should one pay a web designer when there are lots of free web page makers available online?

Web development is a complete professional art. There are great, average as well as bad websites out there. If you will pay us, we will exchange it with value added professionally efficient websites that will purposefully fulfill your business needs and goals. If you are trying to settle for free automatic website builders, they are not recommended by us, because they have constraints in terms of design, and they are difficult to optimize for Search Engines. Repeatedly we will say, it all depends on the type of needs of your website. Do you provide after service support when our project is completed?

Of course, we do that with pleasure. The level of support/service depends on your desirable needs as well as budget.