Have you ever been in the puzzle I Hate You, But I Love You

Love Vs Hate

I Hate You, But I Love You

Have you ever been in the puzzle of hate and love? 

Have you ever felt like saying anyone: I Hate You, But I Love You?

Although these questions might sound weird to any of you, yet every other person among us experiences love and hate simultaneously more than often. This is because nothing is more complicated than a human mind and a human heart.

These days, Scientists have realistically proved that there is really a very thin line between the positive emotion of love and the negative emotion hate of hate. This is because the same brain circuitry is mutually involved in both the extreme emotions.

Love and hate are very much intimate and interlinked within the human brain. As per a recent study, there is an amazing biological basis discovered for the two most intense and extreme emotions.

Scientists carefully study the severe physical nature of the hate. It’s been discovered that some of the nervous circuits which are found in the brain are solely responsible for hate and romantic love at the same time – although love, as well as hate, appear to be truly polar opposites.

The findings could actually explain why both the hate as well as romantic love can mutually result in similar acts of the extreme behavior – both the heroic as well as evil – as per a study published in the journal PloS ONE. Now the question arises; how can two really opposite sentiments lead to the exactly same behavior?”

The anatomy of the human brain reveals that the large parts of the brain; the cerebral cortex – which is associated with judgemental reasoning – gets de-activated during a session of love. On the other hand, only a very small area is got deactivated in the hate. This may seem really surprising that the lover is comparatively less critical and less judgmental as compared to the loved person.

Such psychological state leads to many real life stories. The famous depiction of this kind lies with Fifty Shades of Grey movie where Christian Grey exhibits romantic love as well as hate with his lover Anna in parallel. It also happens that sometimes an individual loves another individual, but could not be with him/her. This results in frustration and mixed feeling of love and hates that human brain cannot distinguish.

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