Apple Celebrating 10th Anniversary Of The iPhone With Apple’s iPhone 8

Celebrating 10th Anniversary Of The iPhone with Apple’s iPhone 8

 iPhone 8

All iPhone and Apple fans are to mark 2017 by celebrating 10th anniversary of the iPhone with Apple’s iPhone 8. Apple has indeed ambitious plans for the amazing device. There are already an enormously amount of rumors which are hinting at the most impressive features which are coming in the 2017’s hot iPhone 8 as below:

Design & Schematics

The iPhone 8 is greatly expected to feature a unique radical redesign, with a prompt edge-to-edge capturing display that does its best carrying away with the top as well as bottom bezels where dramatic features like that of Touch ID fingerprint sensor as well as the front-facing camera are very professionally housed.

In iPhone 8, Apple will adopt a glass body that’s much similar to the that used for the purpose of iPhone 4. This glass will be built just around a well polished stainless steel frame that’s just similar in design to the fantastic Apple Watch. 

Facial Recognition vs. Touch ID

In iPhone 8, the Touch ID will remain either to be built into the core display or completely eliminated entirely either in favor of complete facial recognition technology. There will be no physical actual Home button on the body of iPhone 8 and even no bezels aside from a very small area available as the iPhone’s front-facing camera.


iPhone 8 comes with a perfectly edge-to-edge design, which may be much similar in size as compared to the 4.7-inch iPhone, but coming with a stylish display as the size of the demanding 5.5-inch iPhone. Rumors on big scale suggest it will feature a nice 5.8-inch display with spacious 5.15 inches of the usable area, with the other rest all dedicated to virtual iPhone buttons that will realistically replace the very old existing Home button.


The iPhone 8 display itself is rightly said to be a full fledged flexible plastic OLED despite rather than an LCD, carefully allowing Apple to proactively introduce a much thinner device that even consumes much less power and then offers a quite better display with much higher contrast ratio as well as more true to practical life colors. It will dramatically feature a much slightly curved 2.5D dashing display that’s perfectly similar to the captivating display used in the famous iPhone 7.

Water Resistance 

Just like the iPhone 7, the upcoming iPhone 8 is much more expected to be perfectly water resistant, but it may perfectly carry an improved IP68 perfect water resistance rating. It will desperately continue to be much more capable to hold up to rain, hard splashes, and deeply brief submersion connected with water, and that particular water resistance has been emphasized and confirmed by an Apple supplier and may even extend to all of the iPhone models which are being released in 2017.


Right inside the iPhone 8 is built-in a 10-nanometer smart working A11 chip that will be much faster and much more efficient. Many rumors suggest it could also work with a twist in versatility by including sparkling features like advanced technology oriented induction-based wireless charging. It will also carry biometric additions like that of facial recognition that would be inspiringly used for the sake of full fledged device security. In advance-end models with a creative dual-lens camera, both of the lenses are then expected to feature out optical image stabilization.

Front-Facing Camera

The iPhone 8’s incredible front-facing camera will amazingly include advanced and stylish 3D sensing capabilities that smartly use technology driven by PrimeSense, by allowing it to intelligently find the location as well as the depth of objects in front of it, just by enabling advanced and versatile 3D facial recognition features. The talk of the town suggests Apple will use a smart working vertical rear camera for the sake of improved pictures as well as a better AR functionality, all along with a revolutionizing dual-camera setup available for the front-facing FaceTime camera.


Apple is said to be perfect planning to sparklingly position the advanced OLED iPhone 8 as a great ~5-inch “premium” model that will be desperately sold alongside a market Lesley required standard 4.7 and 5.5-inch trendyiPhone models that come along with traditional LCD screens. The standard iPhone 8 device is expected to incur cost as much as almost $1,000 in gold, silver and black colours which is a perfectly good deal much more expensive than even previous iPhones. 

Release Date

Apple may proudly introduce the ~5-inch OLED latest iPhone 8 at a remarkable September event coming alongside the most standard 4.7 as well as 5.5-inch devices, but it’s most likely to make it only available in small numbers, with the vast majority of the people which are unable to get their hands easily on it even until the very first quarter of the year 2018.

Wireless Charging 

In iPhone 8, the images that could fundamentally feature the entire wireless charging full fledged pad circuitry that will be rightly built into the upcoming iPhone 8 accessories which are surfaced in August. However it’s difficult to actually determine their authenticity. All the photos typically depict the entire inductive charging kits in a trendy plastic tray built on a black PCB board with incredibly bare circuitry visible.


iPhone 8 is widely rumored to prominently include a sufficient 3GB RAM. 

Taptic Engine

iPhone 8 includes an enhanced Taptic engine which is one of the great features that could be acutely included in the remarkable 2017 iPhone, according to a credible report from worldwide Japanese site Nikkei. Apple company is said to be efficiently working on a very “high-performance motor” that’s just able to “create a much more complex and well functioning tactile vibrations.” 

3D Touch

With use of Apple iPhone 8 implementing fascinating glass bodies for the sake of iPhone and then introducing at least one dramatic OLED display, entirely new 3D Touch technology may be essentially required making use of additional graphite sheet lamination which is an enhanced technology for heat reduction.


iPhone 8 will prominently feature a much more consistent with dramatic output power for the sake of speaker as well as the receiver in order to create a much better stereo effects.

Battery Life And Charging

iPhone 8 will include a far bigger battery,” which could impulsively result in a much improved kind of battery life. A much larger battery could also be intrinsically implemented in order to power incredible features like that of an OLED display or even new awesome biometric features.

So What’s iFuture iPhone 8 Holds?

In the upcoming future, Apple is aiming with determination in order to make all of its amazing iPhones implanted with OLED displays. An all-OLED lineup with remarkable features could happen by the 2018 or may be even 2019.

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