James Bond Star Roger Moore

James Bond Star Roger Moore

The Legend of Erotic Romance & Deadly Danger

James Bond Star Roger Moore is the evergreen name of lucrative sexy romance and fearless danger. Though the renowned British actor is not more with us, he has indeed won the hearts all across the globe and left a unique history in the world of Hollywood film industry for us to cherish.

‘James Bond’ (Sir Roger George Moore) At A Glance:

• The rocking hero of all times; Roger Moore 14 October 1927 – 23rd May 2017) has won international fame on a vast scale by playing secret agent as James Bond.

• He died in Switzerland at age of 89 while fighting small length of battle with chronic cancer.

• He did very well on playing as a secret agent in seven renowned featured films between 1973 to 1985.

• He also brilliantly played Simon Templar in the famous super-hit television series popularly known as The Saint between 1962 to 1969.

• His incredible 12 years as James Bond portrayed him as the British agent with a great appetite for danger as well as sex, which made Moore a multi-millionaire as well as a divine heartthrob across the world.

Secrets of Roger Moore’s Life As James Bond life

Roger had Bedroom scenes with 19 Bond girls in seven movies. Sounds sizzling!

Roger Moore was the amazing spy who loved more and more women than any other 007 heroes born as yet. He is very well known for his sizzling bedroom scenes captured with 19 Bond girls in seven famous movies.

Romantic Top Secret: Beautiful Madeline Smith as character of Miss Caruso and Sir Roger Moore as James Bond in super-hit movie Live and Let Die 1973

Sir Roger was extremely sensational while executing love scenes with his Bond girls. He has humorously revealed that he told the sexy Bond girls to dramatically keep their ‘socks on’. During his very first mission in 1973’s romantic drama Live and Let Die he uses his stylish magnetic gadget watch to erotically unzip the dress of his first cute Bond girl, Miss Caruso, which was lovingly played by Madeline Smith. However, the cheesy special effect was very well achieved by a stagehand talent-fully pulling on a wire attached to the sharp fastener from inside of the great actress’s clothes.

Great Humanitarian Secrets Of Roger Moore

In the words of last Bond Girl Tanya Roberts from A View To Kill:

“He was the best 007 but raising the charity cash was his indeed greatest role”

Sir Roger Moore’s last ever beautiful Bond Girl says his most remarkable and the greatest role was not just as being 007 – but as a great man who made millions and millions for the sake of charity.

She added:

“He’d gotten so much to make from Bond, but he didn’t let that single extra penny take over his life.

“He saved the great part of the world through his charity work.”

Tanya – Stacey Sutton in the famous 1985 movie – strongly believes Sir Roger’s very last outing as the hidden debonair secret agent was the acute tipping point to becoming an active ambassador for UNICEF. The way he enthusiastically threw himself into charity work was beyond incredible.

Great Sense of Professionalism; Even At Nude Scenes!

At 28, Tanya was just half the age of Sir Roger, but she boldly told how the lovely actor’s professionalism greatly helped her through the very much awkward loves scenes.
She brightly revealed: “My loveliest and the fondest memory would be probably how to be very cool and cozy in the nude scenes.
“I was just a bit nervous, but he was just extremely considerate, a total great professional and made me feel very nice and at ease.

Tanya said: “Though he was flirt, yet he was charming, decent, sophisticated, suave and so handsome”.

Lastly, James Bond Roger Moore was the true icon of dashing, suave as well as top class cheeky British actors of the last half-century. In fact, he will be densely remembered for doing what he does the best – making the role of dashing James Bond his very own.

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