How to Lose Weight Quickly

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Post Series: How to Lose Weight Quickly and Keep It Off?

1of 4 How to Lose Weight Quickly and Keep It Off? 

Are you desperate to lose weight quickly?

Are you searching for perfect healthy weight loss tips? 

Are you tired of that bulky fat around your body?

In our daily eat-and-run, sizeable massive-portion-sized culture, maintaining a perfectly healthy weight can be very tough—and most difficult is losing the weight.

If you’ve always tried and failed to lose out weight before, you may tend to believe that diets really don’t work for you. However, you are probably right to some extent. In reality, some diets don’t work at all, as our human bodies often respond differently towards different types of diets and foods.

So what Is the best diet for a healthy weight loss?

Some claim the true key is to eat less and exercise much more, others say that low fat is the only possible way to go, while others prescribe strictly cutting out carbs!

So what does your belief system says?

The real truth is there is no “one universal size that fits all” solution to any permanent healthy weight loss. What actually works for one person may really not work for you, since our human bodies respond in different ways towards different foods, which depends on the genetics as well as other health factors. To find the true method of weight loss that’s perfectly right for you will likely take ample time as well as patience, commitment, and also some experimentation with a different variety of foods and diets.

Some diet experts believe that successfully managing your body weight comes down to a merely simple equation: If you eat much fewer calories than you actually burn, you tend to lose weight. Does it sound easy, right? Then why is the hell losing weight so hard?

  1. Weight loss isn’t always a linear event over a period of time. Whenever you cut down calories, you may tend to drop weight for the initial first few weeks, for instance, and then something suddenly changes. You eat exactly the same number of food calories but you lose really less weight or no, in fact, no weight at all. That’s simply because when you tend to lose weight you’re losing much water and the lean tissue as well as your fat, your metabolism then slows, and your body then changes in other ways. So, in order to just continue dropping out weight each week, you actually need to continue cutting off calories.


  1. Remember that a calorie isn’t always an annoying calorie. Eating out 100 calories of bulky high fructose corn syrup, for instance, can have a completely different effect on your body rather than eating 100 calories of vegetable broccoli. The good trick for long terms sustained weight loss is to ditch out the foods that are all packed with calories but really don’t make you feel full (like that of candy) and then replace them with those foods that fill you up even without being loaded with good calories (like vegetables).


  1. Many of us really don’t always eat simply merely to satisfy hunger. We also turn to food in order to achieve comfort or even to relieve stress—which can actually derail any weight loss efforts much before they tend to begin.


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