Start Your Own Blogging Business

How To Start A Blog Ibs Minds

 Start Your Own Blogging Business

If you love to say out your heart and create a powerful blog, but don’t know how to convert your creativity into money, then here is a perfect idea of how to start your own blogging business

  1. Decide WordPress As blogging Platform If You Are A Beginner

WordPress is most user-friendly as well as versatile, therefore it stands as a perfect platform for initiating with your blogging business. There are two different types of WordPress sites; one is and the other is, where the later is most recommended to be used for creating your own self-hosted blog. Although both the versions are free; yet later on, hosting and registering a domain for your website will cost a bit, but every cent will generate tremendous worth of it.

Other such options are Weebly, Joomla as well as Drupal.  However, you should be first aware that most of the sites that you will come across won’t work for a business blog expectedly in the long run. You might face restrictions in terms of design, overall functionality; and most importantly, SEO will might make it extremely difficult later on to have a powerfully successful business blog.

  1. Choose An Appropriate WordPress Theme

One of the great features of WordPress is that it facilitates you to easily customize the overall look and feel of your creation; your blog, using beautiful imaginative themes. There’s a big list of completely free themes available on the platform of WordPress Theme Directory, or you can also go for checking out premium (paid) themes which are available at a site like ThemeForest.

  1. Choose And Register A Domain Name

Now it’s turn for you to choose a domain name, which will be the URL that will be used by the people to access your site (e.g., This can be easily done through a domain registrar, such as NameCheap, GoDaddy or 1&1.

Buying your domain name will cost you around just $10 a year; the price then goes down if you’re making a decision to pay for more than one year as up-front. You should try to choose a .com domain (instead of .net, .biz, etc.), and then if you have your trademarked business name, then use it if it’s available. Make sure that your chosen domain name is easy to remember, yet it should be specific enough to uniquely differentiate you from sites or other businesses possessing a similar name.

  1. Now Go On Purchasing Web Hosting.

While your favorite WordPress site is free, even then you will need to invest a little and pay to have your blog hosted, which will cost more than the cost of domain rental. You can get the purchase of your web hosting service by means of a number of companies, but some of the notable to mention are GoDaddy, and Hostgator, then Bluehost and then 1&1.

  1. Make A Careful plan, and Get Fun Writing!

To make a careful plan, it’s most important to define careful purpose of the blog. This you can achieve by finding out:

  • What is your real objective? Is it to generate leads, develop your email list or be a well-known expert in your field?
  • How often will you dedicate to blogging? Frequency of two to three times a week is just perfectly ideal, but blogging only once a week is simply better than nothing.
  • What’s the dominant idea or “voice” of your blog? Will it be Casual and fun? Will it be Authoritative? Will it be Academic?
  • How will you drag your readers to commit action while being on your blog? Will you insert email opt-in box? Will you divert link to a sales page? Or a will you call to action to simply fill out a request for sake of a quote?

Once you have some plan appropriately in place, just go ahead and start writing. Simply retain focus on topics where you have perfect unique insights to share to others, or where you can really enjoy adding topic to the conversation. Don’t just follow the talk of the town. Be yourself, be original and just write about topics that are proved to be of value to your audience and you are now on your way to your own blog business!

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