How To Make Your Partner Fall IN Love With You BY Loving Your OWN-SELF

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Partner Fall IN Love with you God has created all His creation in its perfect way. If we understand this fact and honestly realize the value of ourselves, it is indeed a reality that nothing is more wonderful than loving our own self.

“You have to first love yourself or you will never ever be able to receive compliments from others”

-Narrated By Dean Wareham

Partner Fall IN Love with you In our daily routine, we are always obsessed in thoughts for someone to love us; forgetting that one person we need to love on priority is our own self.

Ironically, I realized all this when my eight-year marriage life fizzled and I started with the innermost process of realization and self-discovery about love.

While staying discouraged as well as saddened at the crumbling of our fragile relationship, I began to learn and explore love more.

Why had we stopped the process of loving each other, and what transformation has happened to our love?

Suddenly I realized that there were some own potential mistakes of my own which were causes of relationship conflict.

My Mistakes:

  • I forgot to look after my own self like personal grooming.
  • I forgot to take care of my external appearance.
  • I forgot to exchange words of love even though I was receiving from my partner’s side.

With this kind of realization, I’ve had to sort out ways to love myself at the very first instant so that my partner ultimately gets fallen in love with me:


You may have lots of hurts, deep emotional pain as well as shortcomings. Learn to just accept things as they come your way and forget bad words other people may have spoken about you and hurt you.

Focus on your multitude of positive qualities, your immense strengths as well as your admirable traits to connect same with your partner in order to develop a sync and strengthen the relation.


Try pondering only positive affirmations. Nourish out your soul by virtue of love-kindness meditation or any kind of spiritual practices that maintain your love toward yourself which will ultimately reflect on yourself, your work and your partner stance with you throughout your day.


No one is perfect. You should embrace the imperfections as well as excuses of your bad times. Don’t set great high non-realistic standards for yourself emotionally as well as mentally. Accept your limitations and

allow yourself to follow and embrace these emotions.


The process of self-discovery can perfectly come out as the process of self-clinical therapy or self-counselling. This magical healing process can help you uncover who you are along with highlighting that what your obstacles are actually existing to loving yourself are. The process of truly loving yourself just begins with understanding your real true nature.


It is greatly encouraging to practice gratefulness as well as regularly count our all blessings in comparison to those of others. You will immediately begin loving yourself more and more when you realize all the blessed things you’re grateful for in your entire life.


When you think about offering kindness toward others as well as being love to others, you incredibly open the great door to divine love.

Giving to others the precious gift of love, of course, brings you more love and your soul will rejoice. Practice the most conscious acts of helping, revealing kindness and giving.

The love that you’re sharing with those around is in the form of perfect service that will definitely help you to feel more of love as well as fulfillment in your life.

A relationship with your partner thus formed as resultant will only make you twinkle and shine brighter and bring truly more love in your life.

But remember that:

“Love Is Always To Be Kept Alive, Just Like A Flower Needs To Be Nurtured On Daily Basis. If You Stop Watering Flower (Love) Any Day, The Process Of Flower’s Death Will Start From That Day”.

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