Top Ten Benefits of Dates

Top Ten Benefits Of Dates

Top Ten Benefits of Dates From Strong Bones To Charming Skin

From the ancient times, dates are discovered to have magical healing powers. Most of us just love to eat them because of extremely delicious these sweet dark fruits are. By origin, these dates are known to have come the country of Iraq and Iran, however, the ancient  Egyptians were well known to have made royal wine with dates.  

Today these dates continue to be one of the most essentially important ingredients found in Middle Eastern cuisine. While there are just at least 30 kinds of yummy dates that are widely found all across the world, broadly falling in categories such as – the softest, semi-dry, and hard-dry; while the differentiation is made exactly according to the level of glucose, sucrose, and the fructose content. 

Secret Benefits Of Sweet Health Dose Of Dates

Cuisines all across the world effectively use dates in very small as well as large quantities, but it’s also critically important to note that the date fruit of also comes with blessings of a lot of amazing health benefits. Dates are a very good source of a multitude of vitamins as well as minerals, energy, fructose as well as fiber. It also contains essential calcium, potential iron, phosphorus, the power of potassium, magnesium and the great health tonic zinc.

Here are a top ten reasons why you always consume dates regularly:

  1. Lowers down cholesterol: Despite being so sweet, soft and delicious, dates are totally free from the cholesterol content and contain an extremely little amount of fat. Including dates in considerably smaller quantities right in your daily diet can essentially help you keep a perfect check on the cholesterol level, and even aid in assist in the putting off of weight.
  1. Extremely protein rich: Dates are a very strong source for providing proteins that even help us in staying perfectly fit, and even keep our body muscles strong. Those who go to the gym on daily basis are asked to eat a large couple of dates every day as great part of their almost daily routine. 
  1. Rich in multivitamins: Dates contain a great number of vitamins such as vitamin B complex, B1, B2, B3 and B5, along with vitamin A1 and vitamin C. If you consume a few dates every day, you really won’t have to consume vitamin supplements. 
  1. Enhances Bone Health: Dates are extremely rich in selenium, an element of manganese, copper content as well magnesium. As a matter of fact, all of these health tonic elements are essentially required for keeping our human bones healthy, and completely preventing adverse conditions such as bone damaging osteoporosis.
  1. Strengthens the body nervous system: Date are utterly loaded with loads of potassium, and yet even contain little amount of sodium element, and that goes out a very long way in keeping your entire nervous system in order. The potassium element helps to drastically reduce cholesterol, and it keeps the risk of a heart stroke in check. 
  1. Rich in iron content: Apart from the traditional fluorine element that keeps your entire teeth healthy, black dates also contain a great amount of iron, which is extremely recommended for all those who suffer from acute iron deficiency. In addition, dates are just great for the sake of blood purification as well. 
  1. Promotes mechanism of digestion: If you go on to soak a few of dates in the water and then chew on them on daily basis, your entire digestive system will then behave itself really well. Plus it’s highly recommended for even those who have a high level of trouble with constipation. 
  1. Improves charm on skin: The essential vitamins C as well as Vita-Vitamin works very well on your entire skin’s elasticity, and also works very well on your skin smooth. Plus, if you ever suffer from any kind of skin problems, incorporating dates right into your diet might be extremely helpful to you in the very long run. 
  1. Fixes Anti-ageing: These yummy dates also come with remarkable anti-aging benefits, and it prevents the entire accumulation of melanin content in your body.
  2. Assists in essential weight gain: The sugar content, elements of proteins along with other vitamins in the date fruit enormously help in weight gain, especially when you extremely need it. Incidentally, it’s well said that when dates are eaten with cucumber, they even help to keep your body weight on a normal scale. 

Yummy Cooking Ideas With Dates

Dates are the best in taste as eaten by themselves. The sweet yummy and soft fruit makes for an excellent and easy breakfast snack. It adds wonderful flavor to cereals as well as porridges.

Here are some of the most mouth-watering ideas for cooking with dates:

  1. Dates Delight With Walnut Kheer

A quick as well as easy to make a dessert to fulfill your sweet cravings. Dates very well impart perfect natural sweetness into the kheer while sprinkling nuts add a very nice crunch. 

  1. Dates & Cashew Nut Balls

This great energy booster is the great snack to easily nibble on. Loaded with loads of the goodness of dates, the crunchy cashew nuts in combination with coconut can also be mixed up some seeds of your choice. You can easily ball up the mixture for creating yummy sweet balls. 

  1. Date Wrapped Into Crunch Of Biscuit 

A yummy roll made with freshly crushed biscuits, smashed dates and melted butter and then serve it chilled, cut into sizeable small slices and served with a cold ice-cream scoop and any type of chocolate strips. Wow, it is even yummy to think of the taste!

Were these ideas deliciously interesting? We would love to hear from you! We just adore your comments!

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