Top Ten Great Health Benefits Of Strawberries

Top Ten Great Health Benefits Of Strawberries

Top Ten Great Health Benefits Of Strawberries

Fresh tight summer strawberries are indeed one of the most commonly consumed, popular, highly refreshing, as well as healthy treats in this whole wide world carrying a big bunch of highly rich health benefits.

In today’s world, there are almost 600 plus varieties of yummy strawberries. The juicy sweet & slightly tart red colored berries rank among the most consumed top 10 fruits and popular vegetables for great antioxidant content.

Whether consumed as fresh or in frozen form, there’s no actual denying that red strawberries are an extremely popular fruit, in fact, they are also a pack a big healthy punch.

Top Ten Great Health Benefits Of Strawberries

  1. Strawberries Build Up Body’s Immune System

“Strawberries are an extremely excellent source of great vitamin C quantities as per research conducted by Toronto-based registered recognized dietitian Madeleine Edwards. The half cup serving of strawberries contains almost 51.5 mg of essential vitamin C- which is about half of your entire daily requirement,” as per Edwards says. “You just double up a serving to one whole cup and get almost 100 percent.” Vitamin C is a very well-known immunity kick off booster, as well as a very powerful, rapid-working antioxidant.


  1. Strawberries Boost Health & Vision Of The Eyes

The great antioxidant properties found in strawberries may also greatly help to prevent dangerous cataracts from clouding over of the entire eye lens-which can eventually lead to blindness later in the older age. Our eyes specifically require vitamin C in order to protect them from direct exposure to dangerous free-radicals from the scary sun’s harsh UV rays. These rays are so dangerous to the great extent which can eventually damage the protein of the entire lens. Vitamin C itself also plays a key role in the entire strengthening of the eye’s cornea as well as the retina.

  1. Strawberries Are A Great Shield Against Cancer

Vitamin C found abundantly in strawberries greatly help with cancer prevention, since an extremely healthy immune system is the body’s centric source of best defense. A phytochemical commonly called ellagic acid-also is abundantly found in strawberries which have been shown to yield amazing anti-cancer properties esp. like suppressing chronic cancer cell growth.

  1. Strawberries Makes You Stay Young

The immense power of vitamin C found in strawberries is vital to the rapid production of collagen, which greatly helps to improve entire skin’s elasticity as well as resilience. Since we normally lose collagen as we start on aging, eating foods like strawberry which is rich in vitamin C may evidently result in healthier, much younger-looking skin.

  1. Strawberries Fight Best Against Body’s Best Cholesterol

Strawberries contain powerfully effective heart-health boosters. The great quantity of ellagic acid as well as flavonoids- or other phytochemicals-can essentially provide a great antioxidant effect that can greatly benefit heart health by counteracting the harmful effect of low-density lipoprotein / LDL-bad cholesterol in the blood which eventually causes plaque to constructively build up in arteries.

  1. Strawberries Significantly Reduce Inflammation

The abundance of antioxidants, as well as phytochemicals found in fresh strawberries, may also greatly help to reduce acute inflammation of the bone joints, which may eventually cause arthritis and can even lead to chronic heart disease. A detailed study conducted authentically by the Harvard School of Public Health evidently shows that women who consume 16 or more strawberries in a week are 14 percent much less likely to have extremely elevated levels of fast C-reactive protein (CRP)-an clear indication of inflammation in the human body.

  1. Strawberries Regulate Human Body Blood Pressure

Potassium is yet very important next heart-healthy nutrient with almost 134 mg per single serving. Fresh strawberries are essentially considered to regulate human blood pressure and may even greatly help to lower high blood pressure just by acting as a perfect buffer against the entire negative effects of sodium element.

  1. Strawberries Effectively Boost Fibre

Fibre is an extreme necessity for perfectly healthy digestion. From a nutritional point of view, strawberries naturally contain almost about 2g per single serving. Problems that can actually arise from complete lack of fiber potentially include constipation as well as diverticulitis which is a type of inflammation of the intestines that directly affects about 50 percent of people which are aged over 60. Fibre can also effectively aid in fighting against type 2 diabetes.

  1. Strawberries Certainly Aids In Weight Management

Strawberries are a natural source of very low-calorie diet (around just 28 kCal per serving), all fat-free and greatly low in both sodiums as well as sugar whereas the total carbohydrate content is just equivalent to even less than a half slice of white bread.

  1. Strawberries Support Pre-natal Health

Folate is a B-vitamin which is extremely necessary for the early stages of woman pregnancy to help in the entire development of the human baby’s brain, skull as well as spinal cord, and the traces of folic acid in strawberries may essentially help to prevent possible birth defects, most commonly known as spina bifida.


Quick & Easy Strawberry Dessert Recipes

Almost everyone really admires strawberries, and with a good sensible reason–they’re really sweet, look beautiful, taste delicious, are nutritionally healthy, and even quick and very easy to prepare. For a very fruity touch to your healthy dessert, but without the entire fuss, these mentioned quick and easy strawberry desserts can be a big deal of enjoyment for anyone around.

  1. Strawberry Short Cake Pops


2.5 cups slightly diced strawberries

A little more than 1 tbs 2 tsp sugar

3.5 cup heavy whipped cream

0.5 tsp vanilla extract

3.5 of plain butter cake

A dozen push-up pops


Combine the strawberries along with 1 tbsp of the grounded sugar in a medium sized bowl. Whip the whole heavy cream, adding remaining 2 tsp sugar along with vanilla to about medium peaks. Spoon mix cream into a fresh resealable plastic bag; while snipping off a corner for the sake of piping.

Cut down cake into 1/2-thick slices (you will almost need 24 slices).

Place 1 tbsp of the strawberries right on the bottom of each of the push-up pop mold. Then press a piece/slice of cake right on top of strawberries, just compressing to fit. Then add just another 1 whole tbsp strawberries. Pipe down a thin layer of the whipped cream on the top. Repeat out layers (plain cake, strawberries, whipped cream) to fill all the molds. Chill out 1 hour just left before serving.

  1. Mini Fruit Tortes


* 1
10 ounce of the frozen pound cake, almost thawed whole 
cups of frozen whipped cream dessert topping, almost thawed about 
110-ounce jar of lime curd
, about 1.5 cups of assorted fresh fruit cup (about strawberry slices, cut kiwi slices, and/or other berries such as blueberries)


Using any serrated knife, just slice out a pound cake into equally divided four horizontal slices. By using a 22.5-inch long scalloped cutter, just cut out 12 rounds. In a medium size bowl just combine the dessert topping along with the lime curd; keep beating until smooth. Spoon out lime mixture onto the half of all the cake rounds; top out with other remaining rounds. Top with other additional lime mixture as well as fresh fruits.

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